Deluxe Materials Power Model Jet Oil

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Power Model Jet is the first fully synthetic, environmentally friendly, purpose made model turbine oil designed to combine sustained maximum turbine performance with safer emissions.

It is designed at a molecular level with pure, clean, synthetic components. The oil is free of potentially harmful organo-phosphorus & aromatics. The result is a unique lubricant that burns cleanly, with outstanding turbine lubrication, turbine life, less harmful gases and improved air quality.

It is dyed for easy recognition in fuel mixes and is odourised for increased appeal.

Power Model Jet is also non-flammable and non-harmful to skin, making it safe to handle and easy to ship. Developed with the assistance of top turbine manufacturers including Xicoy Jets Mundt and many others.

– Cleaner and safer emissions
– Use in both kerosene and diesel mixes
– Green colour for rapid recognition in fuel
– Anti-electrostatic technology for minimal interference
– Non-flammable, safe to handle & transport
– Will not discolour modelling paints, finishes & fuel systems

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